Season 3: Leaders of Change

EKCO Nation Season Three begins February 25th, 2017 – April 1st,2017 (6 weeks) and will continue with our Radio Show on CITA Radio and on the Starcom Network on LIFE and HOTT FM. The season entitled “Leaders of Change” would highlight Young Leaders who have started charities and organizations to address or solve societal issues affecting youth. Key areas include drug abuse, violence, teenage pregnancy, sexual immorality and self-esteem.

EKCO Nation will also be hosting several free events during the season including a sports outreach netball match, Golf Limes and a DJ Showcase. This season would also see the launch of a new initiative called EKCO Wise which is an educational and awareness programme to assist parents and leaders in protecting, understanding and managing their children’s internet and social media activity. Our initial aim is to reach 100 families over the period by providing an online knowledgebase, seminars and software to be installed on laptops, phones and tablets that have the capability to filter inappropriate content, set schedules and limits on usage and monitor communication and more.

We also want to continue in our goal to record testimonies and stories of young people who have made a positive change or are making a difference in the society. We believe that other young people who are in similar circumstances or facing similar challenges will be encouraged when they see others making a stand and a difference through the power of God. Interviews would include persons who overcame challenges such as Drug Abuse, Violence and Crime, Sexual Immorality, Poverty and more.