EKCO – Endorsing Kingdom Culture Only

We seek to impact our nation with the Kingdom culture using the mediums that engage our generation today: music, media, Performing Arts, web and technology. We are committed to highlighting artistes, people and organizations that are using their resources,talents or simply sharing their story to help youth make positive life choices. 

The Situation

Music and media greatly influence the culture and behavior of our younger generation. We have seen the images and heard the messages being promoted on our national airways, public events and via online media, constantly bombarding our youth with negative culture promoting drug abuse, alcoholism, materialism, lewdness, revelry and sexual immorality. 

We have to reach the generation with the message they need to hear using the mediums that engage them.

Change the Culture, Change the Future


Inspirational . Developmental . Evangelical . Impactful . National

  • •Influencing Culture positively (using teaching, testimonies and discussion) : Expose, Highlight, Preserve& Promote:
  • •Reaching the loss with the Gospel and training disciples to makedisciples
  • •Providing an atmosphere for wholesome family entertainment
  • •Development and Promotion of the Arts, Artistes, Performersand Personalities who submit to the Lordship of Jesus and endorse the teachings of the Kingdom of God
  • •Support and Promotion of NGO’s and Charities that champion efforts in the community that are positive and are in alliance with the teachings of the Kingdom

  • Expose, Highlight, Preserve & Promote

    Influencing Culture positively using teaching, testimonies, media, outreach, entertainment, training, forums and campaigns that promote the Kingdom of God.
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