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If you ask Timothy Leach what has been one of the most impactful elements of life to him, he will quickly respond, Music. “From the days of when I would enjoy my mother singing at home or as she performed on many stages with the folk group, The Allegro Singers, I have always held a love affair with music.”

Growing up in a religious home there was little outlet to express myself, to be me”. Later while singing with the same folk group as his mother and performing on stages during crop over and in the hotel circuit Timothy reflected, “I always loved the response and feel from the audience as they enjoyed listening to us perform. I wanted more and when we moved to an area directly opposite a popular night club deejay, I gravitated into the life.” However while playing at many dubs and fetes was a great learning ground for deejaying skills, the environment had more negative influences than anything else. Realising that this was not the life he was brought up for, Timothy turned his back and re-embraced his passion for God. Through it all his love for music did not die and as his love for God grew each day, so did the call to demonstrate that Caribbean Gospel music had its place in our churches and in worship.


“I spent many years away from deejaying as I focused on developing me as a person, moving from a general standard view of myself to seeing, defining myself through the eyes of the Most High…. in High Definition,” thus the birth of DJ HD. Positive, God breathed Music can bring life to persons who are hurting and are in dark places leading them to the light of Jesus. That is the power in Music and that is the purpose of Dj HD.

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