James Leacock

James is a singer, songwriter, artist and an icon in the Gospel Music Arena. 

Born in the government units of Field Place Bayland St. Michael in the Island of Barbados. A little boy at the tender age of 3 looking out the window of his parents house, would always attract passing neighbors who would pass and playfully chat with him, challenging him to sing their favourite songs (as they were very aware that the family who resides there were extremely talented singers) and would rewarding him with 5, 10, or 25 cent pieces. As he grew, James followed the family’s tradition of singing in various trios, duets, and small groups with-in his family structure because there were 11 of them: 7 boys and 4 girls, (people would call them: “Brother Leacock’s cricket team). James’ voice grew strong breaking with tremendous range as a teenager and would often easily handled the harmonies in the higher voice register. He later in his life learned to play the guitar and developed a good ear for harmonies and tremendous song writing ability. He went on to train with top vocal couch Doris Provensal. At the age of 18, James joined ‘Promise’; the top gospel band on the island as their lead vocalist were he recorded 1 (45) single, 2 cassettes albums, and 5 cd projects, with classics songs pened by his own hand, which became island favorite songs like: Its not raining, Love Letters, I seek U, Sunday morning, love him right the year, and many more. 

James toured the region, Canada and the U.S.A. ministering the gospel of Jesus Christ. His vocal ability lead him to take the top prize at the Caribbean Song Festival in 1994 in Curacao joined by his legendary sibling Carlyn Leacock in a duet called “Musical Matrimony”, reaching semi-finals in 2005 Pic-O-De-Crop competition with 2 self written compositions and placing 6th in the 2012 Crop Over Party Monarch competition with a song he co-wrote called “Worship Yahweh” high-lights in James’ career as an artist. James continue with his band Promise through the years making great musical and cultural contributions, like helping to revive the old Barbadian tradition of Christmas morning in the Park and steadily pioneering and leading the gospel landscape in Barbados picking up from were legends like Joseph Niles and Sister Marshall left off. 

It has now been 30 unforgettable and glorious years with his Beloved band Promise, but at the end of 2016 James has taken another step into a solo, full-time artist, and music minister career. He is the head worship leader at the Apostolic Teaching Centre under the leadership of Apostle Eliseus Joseph, and as recent as April 2017 drop 2 new singles “LOUD” and “BUT FOR A SEASON” and there is so much more to come!!!!

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