Powr Towrz

You may have never come across a team such as Powr Towrz before. Straight out of ‘Bimbaydus’ or Barbados, comes the two-man Artist & DJ collective which are Damon ‘6.5’ Brathwaite and Shaddé ‘Esh Champion’ Clarke. These two would have gone from being in a previous group known as Rezon to being a part of STG Collective and now to Powr Towrz.

6.5 who always had a passion for sound met Esh in 2007 while they both attended Monday night sessions at Combined Faith sports ministries. A conversation struck up about music and 6.5 let Esh hear one of the songs he produced, recorded and engineered himself. Esh flipped because he was amazed at what 6.5 could do. After an exchange of information as well as linking up with Esh’s friend AJ, the now trio known as Rezon embarked on a mission to share the gospel through music. With rap and singing styles, they recorded their first song ‘Heart Beat’ which featured a rap verse from Esh and 6.5 singing. Later AJ’s fiancée at that time joined the group and they were able to release a song on the Uprising Riddim produced by Drilla of Steinhill Studios entitled ‘Jesus’.

After some creative differences, the group amicably split and began working on separate projects. This is where Esh took to his solo rapping and 6.5 focused on producing music, djing and engineering.

It is then during that time, 6.5 and Esh who also had interests in DJing were invited to partner in a local gospel disc jockey initiative. While receiving training, their chemistry was undeniable when tested with 6.5 being on the microphone and Esh on the ‘wheels of steel’. They were the djs for many shows such as Gozzy’s Redemption Music album launch and Positive in concert in Barbados.

Eventually the initiative came to a halt but Esh and 6.5 were determined to not let what they had discovered go to waste. They also both knew they had to push the envelope and be different. They would say it was inevitable but after some deliberation and much prayer, Powr Towrz was formed.

The journey was a long one but much fruit has been borne with much more on the way.