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Most youth spend at least 24 hours a week engaged on social media, the internet and listening to music. It has become a way of life for young people today, however, these mediums may carry threats, negative messages and influences, that impact their brains, their mindsets, their behaviour, and youth culture. These harmful elements include cyberbullying, social media addiction, FOMO, child predators and music endorsing drug abuse, violence, and sexual deviance. These negative influences result in a reported increase in deviant behaviour, depression, suicide and mental health issues amongst youth and children.

EKCO Nation was formed to build public awareness, educate and equip youths and parents about these threats and destructive influences present in these mediums; and the need to safeguard our minds and families to minimize the negative impact they can have. We promote positive alternatives and practices that engage and encourage youth to make better lifestyle choices.

EKCO Nation is a registered charity No. 1429 under the Charities Act of Barbados and we have conducted several educational and outreach campaigns in schools, camps, churches, correctional institutions and communities across Barbados and the Caribbean.

The mission of our organization is “Change the Culture, Change the Future”.
EKCO is an acronym for Endorsing Kingdom Culture Only.

Our Campaigns

Core Initiatives


Educational campaign teaching families and youth about the impact of social media and digital addiction on behaviour, mental health and…

Pure Music

An educational campaign teaching about the power of music and its influence and impact on our brains, behaviour and culture.…

Caribbean EKCO

A development and outreach campaign for promoting the Gospel using Christian music and performing artists. We partner with international missions…

Chilled Vibez

A wholesome entertainment environment for engaging youth and the promotion of positive music and artists.

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Educational Programs
Educational Programs
Conferences, Seminars, Events
Conferences, Seminars, Events
Behavioural Research
Behavioural Research
Outreach Campaigns
Outreach Campaigns
Internet & Print Campaigns
Internet & Print Campaigns
Radio Show and Campaigns
Radio Show and Campaigns

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The success of this movement is dependent upon the financial support and/or donations of gifts in kind by corporations, private sponsors, funding agencies and individuals. Your support is an investment…


Get involved to positively impact our youth. Help us get our message out to safeguard our youth and families. Become an ambassador of our message or become a volunteer in…

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Call to Action

Various studies have shown that teenagers exposed to music and music videos with violence, sex and substance abuse; are more likely to act hostile towards others, get arrested and have multiple sex partners and STI's. Studies found that Social Media addiction produces the same addictive traits of alcoholism and cigarette smoking. The more time youth spend on social media and the internet; the higher the risk of suffering from depression, cyber-bullying, low self-image and exposure to harmful content. Our Response is to: REACH, ENGAGE, EDUCATE, EQUIP, ENCOURAGE, EMPOWER. Our Youth Need Positive Alternatives, Positive Change!


Latest Posts

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Who We Reach

Key Target Audiences

Students and Young Adults

We have reached thousands of students and young adults through our educational campaigns in schools, camps, and youth groups. Our primary target audience is youth between the ages of 10 and 25.

Parents & Guardians

We seek to educate and equip parents on how to respond to challenges negative influences in music, and social media and internet threats present. We have engaged hundreds of parents in partnership with PAREDOS, PTA’s and churches across the island.

Performing Artists

We have hosted conferences and seminars for the development and promotion of over 150 artists from more than six countries. We challenge them to use the talent and influence to be conduits of positive social transformation.

National Campaigns

We have conducted several radio campaigns and national public events promoting our message and advocating against violent music on national radio. These activities have reached thousands of persons.

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