Change the Culture: Parenting Seminar

Do you want to find out how your child or adolescent brain works? Or how today’s youth culture, social media and music may be impacting their mental health and behaviour? Are you seeing signs that might indicate your child is suffering from digital addiction?

Get insight on this and more as EKCO Nation (registered Charity #1429) in partnership with HFS Elevate Youth and the McKenzie Project presents the “Change the Culture: Parenting Seminar” Saturday, July 6th 9:00 am – 12 noon in the Sky Mall Conference Room, Haggatt Hall St. Michael. The theme is “Youth & Culture: Evidence of a Multifaceted Brain”.

We are inviting parents, teachers, counselors, social workers and youth leaders to register now for this Parenting Seminar. The key speaker is Ms. Joanne Nicholls (NY, USA), a clinical psychologist who would be giving insight into how the adolescent brain works, how social media and music influences the brain development, mental health, and the behaviour of adolescents. It will provide insight into discovering your child’s unique cognitive style and how best to help them fully engage their brain as they manage the demands of youth culture.

The registration fee is $25.00 BDS payable before the event at the offices of EKCO Nation or on the morning of the event at the venue. However, attendees are asked to submit their information online using the link provided to secure their seat:

If you have any questions or queries or if you need more information please feel free to contact EKCO Nation at or via telephone at (246) 546-5629. You can contact on mobile Arnal Goslin (Director) at (246) 254-3526; Shernell Pile-Marshall (Secretary & PR) at (246) 235-3527 or Timothy Leach (Technical Rep) at (246) 285-3500.