Parenting & Youth Seminars Review


Informational & Impactful

The Change the Culture Parenting and Youth Seminars were held on Saturday, July 6th in association with HFS Elevate and the McKenzie Project. The Parenting Seminar was held in the morning at the SkyMall Conference Centre and featured the keynote speaker Ms. Joanne Nicholls, a US-based behavioural and clinical psychologist.

The seminar focused on the multifaceted brain and gave insight into how the child and adolescent brain develops. It set a platform as to why this information is important for parents in understanding the influence and impact social media and music can have on the mental health and behaviour of youth, in light of today’s culture. For the final session of the seminar, AJ Ryan (US youth social worker and performing artist) and Ty King (young adult leader, corporate trainer and music DJ) joined Ms. Nicholls for a question and answer session, which allowed parents to discuss some of the challenges and issues they face in parenting in relation to social media, gaming, music, and other influences.

Youth Impact Seminars

The youth seminars were held Saturday, July 6th at 4:00 pm at Mount of Praise. Ms. Joanne Nicholls and music and makeup Artist Yelena lead in the Social Media and Me seminar which dealt with how social media is impacting the self-image and self-worth of young women. This session saw one young lady being selected for a free makeup session done by Yelena.

The second seminar was based on the Power of Music and how music can be used to create positive change. This session was conducted by DJ Ty King who gave insight into how DJ’s can use their influence to shape the culture, emotions, and behaviour of people. He also shared information on several techniques and approaches persons can use in developing their DJ skills.